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Marcom eSchedule PRO

Marcom eSchedule PRO is a feature-rich online appointment scheduling solution for prearranging business-to-business (B2B) meetings before medium-to-large events. Marcom eSchedule PRO can be complemented "Marcom Onsite" so that participants optimize their schedule during the event.


Marcom eSchedule PRO can handle up to four participant categories with various contact rules. Its unique features include our Time Matching Wizard, Meeting Location Manager and account linking tool.

Because it is web based, Marcom eSchedule PRO requires no technical set-up on your part. We simply work closely with your team to quickly adapt the solution to your specific needs, such as customizing the log-in page for each event.

We can connect to your participant database to keep the information up to date at all times. We can also simply import the data once and you can then maintain it via the password-protected organizer interface.

Marcom eSchedule PRO is currently available in English only.



Type of events

  • B2B events with 1-4 participant categories (for example, buyers, sellers, exhibitors and sponsors)
  • For 100+ participants
  • Events that need rich profiling for easy matchmaking 
  • Fixed or flexible meeting locations (for example, numbered tables or booths)


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Marcom eSchedule PRO’s unique features

Time Matching Wizard

As the event gets closer, participants have fewer common time slots available. Our proprietary Time Matching Wizard suggests solutions to find a matching timeslot. Users simply choose the best option for them and the system automatically reschedules.

List management

Participants can easily compile up to 10 lists. They can then perform group actions on all participants within a list.

Account linking tool

Representatives from the same organization can link their accounts when they attend an event. They can see colleagues’ schedules, join meetings, transfer meetings and even reply to their meeting requests.

Meeting Location Manager

Whatever the event format, our Meeting Location Manager can handle all situations: shared numbered tables, booths, meeting points and so on.


Marcom eSchedule PRO’s main benefits

For event organizers

  • Add value for participants by offering a state-of-the-art meeting scheduler.
  • Closely monitor the scheduling process via detailed statistics.
  • Easily manage participant lists (add/edit/delete participants).
  • Identify and assist participants with fewer meetings.
  • Post messages for participants and send text messages (SMS) for urgent communications.
  • Export all schedules to PDF/iCal/Excel.
  • MAP IT funtion (optional)

Read the detailed list of benefits for event organizers.

For event participants

  • Attendees keep full control over their schedule and rich profile.
  • Set up and manage their own priority lists.
  • Request appointments with personalized messages and save message templates.
  • View their colleagues’ schedules and join or transfer meetings.
  • Export their schedule to PDF.
  • Schedule meetings in two clicks via PC or smartphone.
  • Synchronize with their smartphone.

Read the full detailed list of benefits for event participants.

Technical services and support

As part of the Marcom eSchedule PRO package, we:

  • Set up the application (agenda, categories, meeting location manager, sponsors, email templates and more)
  • Import participant lists or sync with your registration database
  • Provide hosting and server monitoring, as well as a secure database and back up
  • Offer outstanding functional and technical support.

Case studies

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Related scheduling solution

Marcom eSchedule PRO can also be complemented with Marcom Onsite. Both solutions are connected to the same database. Once the appointment scheduling process ends on Marcom eSchedule PRO, participants still can schedule last-minute meetings via Marcom Onsite during the event.

Benefits for event organizers

  • All event and participant information at your fingertips on mobile devices
  • Manage participants’ schedules
  • Post alerts for participants and send messages for urgent communications.

Benefits for event participants

  • Stay connected at all time during the event
  • Optimize schedule to further improve ROI
  • Take private notes on any devices
  • View all meetings made via Marcom eSchedule PRO
  • Schedule last-minute meetings (opt-in required)
  • Send messages to other participants
  • Take notes in offline mode
  • Access practical information via My Guide
  • Learn about event sponsors
  • Contact event organizers

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  • We have been using the Marcom's registration and agenda builder software since 2006. Their software has revolutionised the way we are able to deliver the conference. I'd fully recommend Marcom to everyone.
    Jacqui Jenkins, Communication Manager, British Council

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