Online Video Tutorials

Please note that even though some changes have recently been made (design, sections, new functions), all information in these video tutorials is still accurate.

Video Tutorial 1 – Welcome to the eSchedule Pro 4’49 [play video]
  • Introduction to the eSchedule Pro
  • My Schedule Page
  • Review and edit your profile
  • Block and unblock timeslots
  • Social events
  • Contact Marcom Support
Video Tutorial 2 – Searching and filtering the lists 5’03 [play video]
  • Search feature
  • Basic filters
  • Advanced filters
  • Save advanced filters
  • Export/print participant list
Video Tutorial 3 – Send, resend and cancel appointment requests 3’06 [play video]
  • Send a request
  • Resend a request
  • Cancel a request
Video Tutorial 4 – Processing appointment requests received 3’42 [play video]
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Decline an appointment request
  • Reschedule an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment
  • Comment an appointment
Video Tutorial 5 – Edit your colleague’s schedule 3’39 [play video]
  • Display your colleague’s schedule
  • Comment your colleague’s schedule
  • Join your colleague’s appointments
  • Transfer appointments between your colleague’s schedule and yours
  • Accept a request sent to your colleague
Video Tutorial 6 – Manage requests that you sent and were declined 2’32 [play video]
  • View requests sent and declined
  • Cancel requests sent and declined
  • Export/Print a list of requests sent and declined
Video Tutorial 7 – Add pre-workshop events to your schedule 2’24 [play video]
  • View pre-workshop events
  • Filter and search events
  • Add and event to/Remove an event from your schedule
Video Tutorial 8 – Print/Export your schedule 2’56 [play video]
  • Print/Export your schedule
  • Print meeting reports